Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Lord and His Bhakta Are One

Swami Vishwananda:
Whoever builds a relationship with Giridhari will dwell in his heart and the Lord in the bhakta’s heart. Like that, one knows what the Lord wants from him, as there is no separation to the Lord for the one who has surrendered to his will. And after this life, one will be eternally with him.




Run to the Lord Giridhari.
Run to his heart.
Run to the heaven world
Where rain, like heartache,
Disappears into historical achieves.
Awaken where all is peaceful
And beautifully luminous
And there is only love.

When rain falls in this life
Water the heart's Flower and Fruit basket
You are gathering for the Lord.
Like this, make
Love grow and then spread
It everywhere and to everyone,
Even as a bird gathers material
In the spring for its inevitable
Nesting time of physical life.

The Lord, Beloved Giridhari,
Will enfold you,
His Bhakta, into his heart
Even as you develop
This heaven relationship
With him in your heart.

Heart to heart, then,
You Two, entwined in One,
Like the rosebush and
Its blushing springtime flower,
Dwell and walk in Viakuntha Eternity
Forevermore and Forevermore.

Swamini Vishwa Lakshmi

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