Wednesday, September 24, 2014

These Changing Times - Mahavatar Babaji

Message From Mahavatar Babaji
Transmitted August 17, 2014

These Changing Times:
The Code for unlocking the energy of these changing times came with you when you were born. The first wave of people to unlock the secret code is now in progress. The physical bodies of these ones are changing and it is felt through what seems to be an imbalance in health. Many are experiencing high fevers, doubts about what they are doing in life, what feels like heart problems and mental imbalance. Some think they are going mad or that they have some unknown source of sickness and may be dying. In truth, these ones are experiencing a kind of death to the old which makes room for new energy which is incoming. 

What to do? The easiest way to transcend the old into the new is to accept what is present at any time and realize that your bodies may be changing from moment to moment. One moment you may feel great and the next you may be feeling physically sick. All prophesy tells you that the ending of the Kali Yuga (end times in Christianity) would not be easy. Now you are in this time. When you look around the world you see that people have troubles of many kinds and no one is escaping these changing times.

To many it looks like history repeating itself. Soon after the beginning of mankind on Planet Earth, there have been those who are hungry, those who have been mentally ill, those who have been physically ill and the like. However, to even those who are asleep there is uneasiness that these changing times are different than any in recorded history. And so it is!

You must go through these changes like a toddler falls many times, cries and gets up and wishing to walk around by itself takes another step until he learns balance. Be courageous and allow the process of this energy change to take place without resistance. There is a saying: "What you resist persists." There is truth in this. Relax and know that you will glide through these changing times while holding the hand of your Spiritual Teacher, your Satguru. It is ordained by The Formless One.

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