Friday, September 12, 2014

Maha Lakshmi Appears in Meditation - Gives Message

Last night, while chanting for a long time the Maha Mantra, "OM Namo Narayanaya," suddenly Maha Lakshmi appeared on the inner screen in her usual form but in Facebook profile picture size complete with a square line drawing around her moving, smiling form. Divine Mother, in this aspect, wore her usual deep red sari with gold tulsi leaves scattered randomly and sparsely over the sari. She accompanied the sari with a gold blouse with sleeves to her wrists and a golden crown on her dark, long lustrous, curly hair.

She spoke and since the computer was nearby, a word file was quickly opened while Maha Lakshmi happily waited.  She gave a message which was assumed meant to be entered on Facebook and VBV blog, which she confirmed.

Maha Lakshmi's Message:
“Beloveds, Greetings from the cosmic wavelength directed into your world with love and compassion. Many on Earth now are experiencing fear and confusion due to the state of mankind today. Many feel abandoned by the Divine Force as calamity after calamity in the form of weather changes, economic disasters, environmental problems, increasing taxes and insurance costs and many new diseases are springing forth on the planet in increasing numbers.

Let it be known that the Divine Forces are with you always. You are never alone. These unbalanced energies have been set into motion by mankind’s indifference to the Creative Force that sustains all life on planet Earth. Be ever aware, my children, that we are with you ready to shower grace and blessings upon you with love and compassion. When you offer love, devotion and surrender to the Divine Force, you may be experiencing all these calamities but you will not be fearful and you will become happy as much or all of these problems will pass you by.

It is written and so it is!

Love and blessings,

Maha Lakshmi

Mother for All Mankind”


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