Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sri Swami Vishwananda Inaugurated as Deity of Temple in Italy

Following the inauguration of the temple in Bari Sri Swami Vishwananda gave a Satsang - answered questions from devotees from Italy and transferred interesting stories. Here are two of them:

The pride of the Pandavas was crushed by Krishna

"During the Mahabharata there was a man who wanted to watch the great war. He went up on  the hill near the battlefield of Kuruksetra where he had a good view of everything that was happening. But he was taken for a spy, so I sent him a soldier who beheaded him. Before the death the man, he prayed to Krishna: Sir, I just wanted to see your lila, it was my only desire. So I went to the hill to watch the Mahabharata.

Krishna went there, picked up the severed head, blessed it and put it on a pillar. He then returned to the war. When the war was over, all the Kauravas were killed at the hands of the Pandavas. They were full of pride for their victory over the giant army and strong enemy. Krishna brought them to the pillar where the head was still alive watching everything. Krishna asked the head:
  • Did you watch the entire war.
  • Sir, it was a great blessing to see all your lila .
  • Please tell us what you saw?
  • Afterwards, both sides were just you and the two armies swirled over your chakra Sudarszana.
It is God who makes everything that happens in our lives. Prana Shakti  is the bread of life."
Sri Swami Vishwananda also told this story: "There lived once a simple woman in a small hut. Two people watched her and her poverty. They said to her: "We can help you and keep you.' She laughed and said: "Who keeps the poor and the rich?" The same, and I know him very well. He gives me everything I need." They replied: "But you do not have even a drop of oil to pour into the lamp and light it. The woman smiled, raised her fingers upwards and light flooded the room.

In all, the question is how much we believe in God, how we submit to Him, and then He reflects in proportion to our sincerity.The Name of God should always be on our lips, and then begin to reflect Him ... God's love is the only thing that is real. This is the only reality: the love of God. Everything is predetermined - only the love of God. This is the free will of man.

The purpose of spirituality is love, that's all. 

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