Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mahavatar Responds to Question of His E-card

Question: Please could you be so kind to explain how we in our culture of not having cremation grounds should put into practice the last E-card of Mahavatar Babaji about meditation in cremation grounds. Maybe Babaji could tell us more about this topic.
Gisela from Tyrol, Austria asked this question after receiving the E-card.

Thank you very much and much much love

Mahavatar Babaji’s Response to E-card question:
In present day, man walks among the “living dead” of this world. Man has lost continuous, conscious connection with The Divine. In the spiritual stories handed down in the Sacred Scriptures of India, Shiva is depicted as sitting in meditation in the Cremation Grounds of the greatness which is India.

In the E-card to which you refer, I am inspiring you all to be inspired by Shiva meditating in Cremation grounds through your own meditating in the present day cremation ground of your world among the “living dead.” Man is “dead” to his own Divinity which lives within the heart.  Meditation, such at Sri Swami Vishwananda’s Atma Kriya, has the possibility of awakening your conscious connection of The Divine within you. We have given you “the way” in Atma Kriya, but you must do your part through practicing the techniques and meditation within Atma Kriya. In this way, you may be “born again,” as Christ said, into God-Self Realization and into liberation of the Forever Living Spirit of the Oneness of Creation.

I send you grace and blessings,

Mahavatar Babaji
Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

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