Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mahavatar Babaji Today

Pebbles on a beach lie there inviting the walker along the beach to pick one up and connect with it. Likewise, all along the walk of life, each day and every minute The Divine invites man to know that All Is God.
Once in a long time ago a yogi sat by his sacred fire and meditated on the Formless God for many days and nights. One night, suddenly a tiger came roaring out of the nearby trees and stood just beyond the fire gazing at the yogi deep in Samadhi. The yogi came out of his deep state of meditation and looked calmly into the nearby tiger’s eyes. Recognizing the Divinity in the tiger and that they were one, the yogi blessed the tiger and the jungle beast calmly turned his back and walked back into the jungle. 

Man today meets many tigers in his concrete jungle of life in the big cities and all areas of the world. For life has a way of bringing one’s attention to that which needs to be surrendered to the Divine in order for the soul, the Divinity in each individual to be reached and The Divine to be remembered in truth and purity.
For this you were born and live to attain – The Divine. 

Meet your tigers in life with a heart full of Divine Love, and then spread this love to all. See The Divine in everything and everyone and find the love and peace and purity that man was designed to be.

Sending to all of you my love and blessings,
Mahavatar Babaji

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