Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mahavatar Babaji Today With Mataji

Mahavatar Babaji Today 

Experience with Mahavatar and His Sister Mataji Today:
In meditation with Mahavatar, as usual, this morning the following experience occurred.
Before we begin meditating Mahavatar hands me a pod of blueberries. He says: “Eat . . . for these berries are beneficial for the body and brain of man.” I eat the sweetest blueberries I have ever tasted as Mahavatar closes his eyes and begins our morning meditation.

As Mahavatar and I sit in meditation, at some point, Babaji’s Sister Mataji gracefully walks into the cave as the eyes of Mahavatar and mine open simultaneously as we look toward Mataji. She wears a golden sari, trimmed in a border of red. Mataji wore no jewelry and her long black hair gleamed in the firelight. The beautiful, ethereal-looking Mataji greets us as she pranams to us as we return her pranam. Mataji sits with us as she smiles saying: Dear Master and Disciple, I greet you in the name of The Formless One who guides mankind through many Great Ones sent to Earth from the beginning of time.

I have come into your meditation today per the request of Mahavatar Babaji, my Brother. This meditation provides an opportunity for Mahavatar to answer a question many people are asking on earth today and especially many women. They ask: “Will women have a greater role in spiritual and societal leadership in the age to come?”

Mahavatar speaks:
In the age now coming into being as it is being created simultaneously as this present age is fading away slowly, women will become equal with man in both societal and spiritual leadership. They will not stand apart as has been the way of the past and mostly in the present. Man and woman will stand side-by-side in partnership in roles of leadership in both spiritual and societal leadership.

This division with man being in most leadership roles has polarized society in an unbalanced way which has been detrimental to the world-at-large. It has led to competition instead of cooperation. Yet, this has been for a purpose so that man can learn what polarization creates. As the Master Christ said: “You will have wars and rumors of wars.”

Oneness will come into Realization in the New Age on the horizon. Now, in the hearts of men and women there is coming to the forefront of thinking and feeling that cooperation between man and woman will create a world of peace and love through equality and love for all. Wars will naturally end as the competition cycle between people comes to an end. 

The Great Ones sent from the Divine have played their roles according to the state of man at the time. And so in the future age those who come as Spiritual Masters will assist man to reach the stage of equality of all people. Peace will reign in each heart and Love will once again reign on earth as it was in the beginning. Remember it is darkest before the dawn and as you look around you this day of love, peace and equality seems far away. Be patient and at peace for this day is coming as The Divine Wills that it is time.

As a lovely colorful butterfly flies gracefully through the air, Mataji slowly and gracefully walks out of the cave and at the entrance, She, and the ethereal light which surrounds her disappears as suddenly as she appeared.

Forever We Are With Thee,
Live in Peace and Love
Mahavatar Babaji

(Transmitted to Swamini VishwaLakshmi Anandama)

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