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Disciple Picture of Babaji and Disciple Experience

Authentic Picture of Mahavatar Babaji
Which He gave to a Disciple
Many years ago
Recently placed into the public Domain
Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda

Below what Babaji says about these two pictures

"The second picture here is the same picture that I gave
my disciple long ago (the first picture here),

The second picture simply has been enhanced from the deterioration caused
by India's humid, hot monsoon weather in the first picture.
lso, in the second picture, color has been added and the  shoulder part
 of the clothing has been changed by softening and moving it f
rom my right to my left shoulder. This is all good, and either picture may be appreciated for itself,
as I have placed my energy essence into each picture and all copies. Through the years,

many people have felt my essence of Love in the second picture as well as the first."
This second enhanced picture is a duplicate picture of Himself that
Mahavatar Babaji gave
Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama
in 1985

Our SatGuru, Premavatar Swami Vishwananda has said that Mahavatar Babaji has given a picture of Himself to each of his direct disciples. On awakening and thinking about this in meditation this morning (due to an etheric experience while sleeping), Mahavatar instructed me to write of our experience with the picture and a ring He gave to me in a non-traditional way. Each disciple has his own story and experience with Mahavatar giving certain direct disciples a picture of Himself that Swami Vishwananda speaks about. The stories differ according to the Grace and Atmic, eternal relationship one has developed through and beyond time with Mahavatar and the purpose of the present incarnation.

Disciple Story of the Picture and Ring Babaji Gave
In the mid 1980’s during a decade of a grand awakening which was orchestrated by Divine Grace and timing, Mahavatar came into my life and gave me a picture of Himself in an unconventional way. This did not happen in the Himalayas of India but in my city where I lived in Denver, Colorado USA. Yet, through the years I met him in etheric form in His cave in the Himalayas for His teaching and His messages transmitted mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart. From 1985 until I met Swami Vishwananda in 2006, I did not send Babaji's messages and teachings into the world until at the time I met Swami Vishwananda, Babaji requested this.

In 1985 during the grand awakening, I read many different types of spiritual tradition books: Hindu, Christian, books about UFOs, metaphysical phenomena and many alternative ways of living and experiencing spirit and life.  I frequently went to a large “spiritual.” bookstore in Denver and seldom left without a large shopping bag full of books which I promptly took home and read daily.

One day in this book store, I noticed a picture sitting on a shelf among the books. Staring at the picture, the thought came: “This is the most beautiful face I ever have seen (later at our first meeting, Swami Vishwananda's face reminded me of my now frequently seen and dearly beloved face of Mahavatar Babaji)!" As I gazed at the picture of Babaji in the bookstore, I could not move; it was as if some familiar energy held my form stationary and my feet magnetically glued to the floor. Spontaneously from deep within my soul the bhakti tears began flowing. Recognition of this Divine Being in the picture spilled forth into my conscious awareness with an energy that felt like Divine Love, but still difficult to place into the correct words. I became aware that I had known this Being forever. I remembered Him, and from where I did not know at that time, and neither did I remember His name.

Carefully taking the beautiful picture from the shelf, I carried the precious object to the clerk in the store. I asked: “Will you tell me who this is, please?” The clerk informed me that the picture was of Mahavatar Babaji and related some little information about Him. Subsequently, I learned there were some few books about Mahavatar Babaji and I purchased these whenever I learned about them.

To my great surprise and completely unexpected thoughts, Mahavatar Babaji began appearing to me both within the spiritual third eye, the Ajna Energy Center on my inner screen, in the room wherever I was at the time and often in His cave in the Himalayas. He taught me spiritual lessons, initially many of which were techniques to control the mind. Mahavatar told me in the beginning of our relationship, “I cannot teach you anything until you learn to control your mind more."

The picture of Mahavatar Babaji  in the bookstore, I took home with me. The picture is the same picture which a year ago Sri Swami Vishwananda released to the world is a duplicate copy of the one Mahavatar gave to Swamiji This picture Mahavatar Babaji gave to me in the book store is obviously the same picture which an expert “Photographic Restorer” had restored from its deteriorated condition which the humidity, intense hot temperatures and the monsoon moisture had deteriorated in the climate in India into its pristine original condition as in the picture Mahavatar gave me. In addition the Photographic Restorer had added color to the picture that has become known as" the authentic picture of Babaji." The Restorer has also enhanced the picture more near to the fresh, pristine, perfection of seeing Mahavatar Babaji in “the physical  and etheric form.”

These two pictures, the first authentic one above, which is a copy of the original "authentic" picture . . . and the second one below it, which has been enhanced, are one and the same picture as Mahavatar has instructed me to send this message into the world-at-large: “Dear World Devotees and Disciples: The picture that I gave long ago to a disciple has now reached the time  to be released to the world.  Sri Swami Vishwananda has fulfilled this responsibility within his mission. And now it is time that you all know that the picture with color enhancement is the same picture as the authentic one which Swamiji released, but with the deterioration removed."
The Ring Mahavatar Babaji Gave to this Disciple
and a 2002 Meeting with Swami Vishwananda in a Himalayan Cave
and we did not meet in the physical until 2006

In 2002 I had a Satsang-Kirtan event at my 8,224 ft. elevation mountain home in Colorado. My Guru at that time did some miraculous materialization's that night although He was in India.  People brought fruit, pictures and murtis to place on the altar.

As we sang kirtan for hours before serving dinner, vibhuti began to appear before our eyes on the pictures and murtis. My murti of Krishna that I had placed on the altar began with a few sprinkles of vibhuti on the face, the flute and over His Form and continued to grow even into the next days. My Shiva murti I placed on the alter began with sa few sprinkles of vibhuti and continued until later that night to materialize more and more sprinkles of vibhuti. By the end of the early morning when everyone except a few guests had left, the Shiva murti had a "mask" as the entire face of the Shiva murti was covered completely and solidly with vibhuti.

Three young unmarried men discovered they had "love" written on each of their bunch of bananas. When speaking among themselves, they discovered that all three had been praying to our Guru for a spiritual love relationship. One woman had "service" written on her honeydew melon. I asked her: "What work do you do?" She replied, "I work for the American Red Cross." One couple had "M" and "M" written on their bunch of bananas. They could not understand what this message from the Guru meant. I suggested to them that it could be their initials as their names were Mario and Martinilli (from Columbia). And on and on went the varied miracles.

At 3 a.m. December 15, 2002, the night-morning after the Satsang-Kirtan, which happened to be my birthday, I awoke suddenly without any transition from sleep to complete, alert wakefulness. Bhakti tears were flowing even before I awoke. I had been in the etheric form in a cave in the Himalayas where my, then, Guru had taken me. In the cave, I saw a wondrous sight as I stood mesmerized, magnetically frozen to the ground beneath my feet as I stood in complete stillness and stared at the amazing, young Indian man sitting on a blanket on the dirt floor in yogic padmasana. I could not believe my eyes as his face was so beautiful that it felt like my heart would break from the purity of his essence of Pure Love combined with the exquisite, enigmatic face. 

This incredible young man talked to me of spiritual things which seemed to me to be about one half of an hour. A few minutes after entering the cave my Guru dropped my hand and I saw him disappear peripherally. I did not wonder how I would get back home as the Guru had brought me to the cave by holding my hand. I simply stared at the beautiful face and form of the young Indian man seated in padmasana. I could not say a word. He was dressed only in a loin cloth. He told me many spiritual things. The only thing I remembered when awakening at home was that he had told me that The Avatar Ram was an ancient ancestor and he strongly suggested that I plan a trip to the Himalayas and do the "Rama Trail" pilgrimage that Indian spiritual people wish to do at least once in their lifetimes. 

This suggested "Rama Trail" trip I did in five weeks of traveling the Rama Trail from one end of India to the other beginning at Rishikesh and on to Badrniath in the north and back to the southern tip of India. Along the way I went to Valmiki's Ashram which is said to be the exact place of the ashram in Valmiki's time. Valmiki, as you know, wrote the Ramayana, the epic story of the Avatar Ram. Many memories proved to be true that I had remembered about Valmiki's ashram before going there. One mystical thing that happened there is that Hanuman materialized for me. As I came down from the top of the hill where a wonderful memory during the time of Ram was reproduced for me, I saw Hanuman at the bottom of the hill. He pointed to a rectangular wooden table in front of him. There lay two babies with golden skin with even the hairs on their arms glistening a golden color in the sunlight. Hanuman spoke to me telling me that the identical babies were the twin sons of Ram and Sita, which I already knew. I knew also that the twin boy on my left was Luv (Lava) and the twin boy on the my right was Kush (Kusha). And I remembered the birth.

Note: Sri Swami Vishwananda verified in April 2013 on his visit to California, USA that he was the young man in the Himalayan cave that I saw and spoke with in 2002 and did not meet him physically until 2006.

About the Citrine Ring Babaji gave me: Before I went on this Rama Trail trip, Mahavatar Babaji appeared to me and suggested that a citrine ring would carry a good vibration for me to wear during the trip. I went to a certain jewelry store and looked at citrine rings. I was magnetically drawn to a certain citrine stone encased in a lovely gold ring setting. I decided to buy it without looking at the price. The sales person told me, "We have three discounts on this ring, something I had never heard before. about any jewelry or any product for sale. The discounts were so large that when they were subtracted from the total, the ring cost almost nothing. Three discountss on jewelry are so unusual, I thought: "This is Mahavatar Babaji buying-giving me this citrine ring." As the Shakti coursed throughout my body, I smiled and thanked Him, my Beloved Mahavatar Babaji, my God, my Eternal Spiritual Teacher, my ParamGuru, the Guru of my SatGuru, Sri Swami Vishwananda Premavatar !

About the Cirine Gemstone:

Citrine has unique composition and characteristics. As a gemstone, it contains charms that keeps its wearer cheerful. During the ancient times, the mineral citrine was carried by travelers and nomads because it is believed to carry a protection against snake venom, evil and impure thoughts. It is nicknamed as the “success stone” since it is known to attract abundance, prosperity and success. On the spiritual side, the mineral is also found to stimulate the solar plexus and the third eye chakra which promote stamina and activates intuition. In this light, it helps remedy problems such as insomnia and nightmares. In its physical benefits, it is believed to improve blood circulation, digestion and allergies as well as life-threatening diseases. 

Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

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