Friday, March 15, 2013

In the Silence Comes The Divine

It is through prayer, through japam, through meditation, that we learn to control our thoughts, but the best of all is through silence. Pray, chant your mantra and silence yourself. Feel the mantra inside of you. When you chant the name of God, don’t just say, Narayana or Durga or Babaji. It’s not just the name. They are not simple names, you know? These names create a vibration and even when you are not aware, it’s still vibrating. The main thing is you have to be aware of that vibration inside of you. You have to feel that each part of your body is vibrating these Divine Names. You can really feel it and really know it only when you are in silence. Silence doesn’t mean that you have to stop your work and say “I sit in silence and that’s it – finished!” No, silence means that whatever you are doing, you stay calm and you control the tongue. The body is made of 206 bones and they say that wherever there are bones, we can control them, but the tongue is not made of bones, so we have to learn to control it. If this tongue can chant the Divine Names all the time, you will be able to control it. When you have controlled the tongue, you will be able to control your mind.
-Premavatar Swami Vishwananda


Narayana-Vishnu with Maha Lakshmi

A moment in time is sacred

Unto the one having the experience.
Eternity is composed of moment to moment
Flowing forever into forever.

A disciple of Mahavatar Babaji has known him
Throughout time and awakens to this memory
Each lifetime at the command of the Kriya Master, Himself.
And a Yogi you then become.
Many attain this on the royal road of Atma Kriya Yoga
And some disciples of Mahavatar have attained union
In other disciplines in other lifespans and
Mahavatar Babaji Mahabharata assists them
In remembering . . . In Now Time.
Each one has a Divine Plan instilled at birth.
Look for this within the Self-the Heart,
And do not judge others along their way.

A Himalayan mountain stands in the distance
As light from the setting sun lights the glowing,
Violet, amber, serene sky line.
A disciple stands and remembers Mahavatar
Each in his own time and place.

Disciples of Premavatar Swami Vishwananda
Have the Grace of God that they may
Be with him face-to-face in His
Holy, bless-ed Darshan where karma
Is transformed through His Divine Grace.
Our Master teaches:
 "It is through prayer, through japam,
Through meditation,  that we learn
To control our thoughts,
But the best of all is through silence."

Bananas grow on trees and ripen in their own time.
So it is that the monkeys wait for the banana
To taste the fruit the Lord has provided for them.
Likewise, man must patiently wait for the Divine Time to climb
The Stairway to Vaikuntha, the abode of Narayana-Vishnu.
The glory of the Lord then is experienced at the high vibration
Where man and Divine meet in attainment of Him.
Bless-ed be this meeting of heartbeat to heartbeat.

Angel wings flutter in sweet, majestic accompaniment
Of Celestial Voices singing praise to the Lord of Vaikuntha
And time is no more while in the abode of Narayana-Vishnu
As the Grace of God and Guru meet in Holy Communion
With your now blissful eternal soul. 

Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

(Transmitted from Mahavatar Babaji Mahabharata
Via Crystalline Lightwaves of Mind-to-Mind and Heart-to-Heart
With Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama)

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