Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Message from Mahavatar Babaji

During meditation this morning and while sitting in Babaji's cave with him, he placed nine spheres of crystalline white light in a row between us. We sat, as usual, in Padmasana facing each other with three feet of open space between us. -Swanini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

Babaji began speaking: 

"Tell me what you see in each of the nine spheres."
  • Starting with the first sphere on my left, Babaji’s right, we see a tiny baby in the fetal position as if in the womb.
  • The second sphere sparkles with what is intuited as stardust.
  • The third sphere has a man dressed in a black suit with a white shirt, black tie and top hat, a cane and white gloves. He looks ready to do a tap dance at a moment’s notice.
  • The forth sphere is filled with sunshine.
  • The fifth sphere has a little girl rocking in a small rocking chair.
  • The sixth sphere has a marathon runner in the Olympic games of long ago in Greece. He is wearing the olive wreath of victory.
  • The seventh sphere has inside someone dressed as Santa Claus as we see at Christmas.
  • The eighth sphere has Mother Mary dressed in a blue gown and white mantle or veil.
  • The ninth sphere has Christ Jesus hanging on the cross. The scene changes and we see Christ rising up through the cloth leaving the imprint of his Holy Body Image burned into the cloth as the resurrection of Christ comes alive in the sphere.

    Babaji says: "Tell me what each scene in the nine spheres represents,"
    Please refer to the scene in each sphere (above) and then read the representation or symbology (below). -Swamini VishwaLakshmiAnandama

  • Sphere One - Man is born.
  • Sphere Two - Man comes from the heavens, God, represented by the stardust.
  • Sphere Three - Life is a play, an illusion that humankind acts on the stage of life, each playing his part, predestined to a great extent, according to the teachings of Sri Swami Vishwananda Premavatar.
  • Sphere Four- Man lives in duality like the opposites of sunshine and rain.
  • Sphere Five - The little girl is innocent, still, but is starting to forget the higher dimensions and is listening to parental and environmental conditioning. She is thinking of the mother giving the father the larger portion of the entre of the lunch she has just prepared. The little girl feels a bit jealous but then, still retaining the higher perspective, she understands and smiles.
  • Sphere Six - Victory over the illusion of the play of life and remembering the Divine Within is the purpose of being born.
  • Sphere Seven - Santa Claus is within the illusional construct of life on Earth. On one hand he is believed by children to give presents at Christmas, the birth of Christ Jesus. These presents are perceived as good things. On the other hand, as a single person bringing little children presents at Christmas all over the world eventually brings shock and sadness. The perception by the child is that the parents have been lying to him all these years when the child discovers there is not a Santa Claus, per se. The child knows now that the parents provide the presents. And trust issues awaken within the child.
  • Sphere Eight - Mother Mary is our Divine Mother, the mother of Christ Jesus. She represents the pure unconditional Divine Love of man's own Divinity Within.
  • Sphere Nine - Christ's crucifixion and resurrection, much of the world will be celebrating in three days, Sunday. This scene represents man's own resurrection from the duality into the oneness of the unconditional Divine Love which Christ Jesus spoke about and demonstrated for man through his crucifixion and resurrection: "No greater Love hath anyone than one who would lay down his life for another.

    Babaji: Remember and celebrate the true meaning of Easter this Sunday (31.3.2013)

    Love to you all from Mahavatar Babaji of the Realms of Light

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