Monday, December 31, 2012

Venegrate the Guru Before Yagna

[Once before beginning a yagna – sacred Vedic Fire Ceremony- Premavatar Swami Vishwananda said…] In Hinduism, we consider a prayer as unfulfilled, firstly, if the Guru is not venerated, and secondly, it there is no cow dung, which is for purification. In all the prayers, also, when we move into a new house or when we install the murti statues, in everything we use cow dung or cow urine, because the cow is one form of the Divine Mother. That’s why, in Hinduism we don’t eat cows, unlike here in the West where people eat everything. 

We respect the Mother because in a cow every part is sacred. Each Deity resides in the cow. Every part of Her, everything that comes from Her is sacred also. [Now as we are praying] We’ll start with eleven OM’s. We will pray to Ganesha to remove all obstacles, so that everything that we do here is sanctified. Then we will pray to the
Guru. Inwardly, in your heart, bow down to the Guru and ask for the blessing. Aftwards, we will do a prayer for the planets, invoking all the Deties and we will light the fire.

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