Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love's Pearls Of Wisdom - Mahavatar Babaji

The Immortal Mahavatar Babaji with Premavatar Swami Vishwananda
Yogis in the Himalayas can walk through snow barefoot without feeling the cold. How is this possible? They have learned to control the mind. Start today to watch your thoughts and create only beneficial ones. . . . Once there was a little girl in a remote mountain village in the Himalayas above Badrinath, India. She loved to walk in the snow with bare feet. Her parents tried to dissuade her from this practice but this girl was born to become a great Yogini, who remembered very early in life to control her mind. You can do this also, with practice and at any age in human counting. There is a saying in your time: “Just do it!

Mahavatar Babaji

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