Tuesday, December 1, 2015

An Atma Kriya Experience In Cosmic Consciousness

An Atma Kriya experience in Cosmic Consciousness
Inspired by the Guru’s Satsang talk on Babaji Day, 30 November 2015, the disciple approached the next morning’s 3 a.m. Atma Kriya practice with renewed commitment, devotion and patience. Sri Swami Vishwananda spoke of Babaji’s commitment to all of us to stay on this planet, as his sister, Mataji, asked of him. Swamiji said that Babaji appears and speaks to Masters and his disciples, some whom take his messages into the world. Babaji, at the same time, is available to all, within, through the committed practice of Atma Kriya and when one sincerely calls his name. Gurudev says that Babaji does not speak in words of sound like humans but rather in the language of the heart (soundless words).  For the disciple, this way of communicating with Babaji is like a serene, moonlit night with the sun still visible in shadow form as Babaji is both the sun and the moon.  Out of His loving serenity, on cosmic waves of love, emanates “The Voice of Babaji” in soundless words, softly lilting like Krishna’s flute, Murali, to those who speak the language of the heart and hear with ears of the heart.

The disciple’s Atma Kriya Yoga meditation began with calling the Masters with whom there is a connected resonance: The linage of Kriya Masters; Narayana, who appears in a blue form; out of Narayana steps Vishnu in third-dimensional, living color like his picture, with golden arm bracelets, necklaces and jewels, radiantly splendid in his cosmic array; Divine Mother, beautiful Divine Mother, Maha Lakshmi, with golden crown, deep red sari and golden slippers on dainty feet; Mahavatar Babaji, serenely looking at one with eyes swimming with eternal Cosmic Awareness; Sri Swami Vishwananda, beautifully smiling while looking at one with cosmic awareness of everything and all about you, as you stand with naked soul revealed.

As the disciple began the Kriya rounds of practice, suddenly the awareness expanded into a unified field of resonance composed of golden energy, electrified like lightning, and serene in feeling. It seemed from the nucleus of the body, awareness expanded into cosmic consciousness as the Kriya Masters and Cosmic Gods enfolded the disciple in a loving embrace, such as a sweet kiss a mother places on the check of her sleeping child to awaken the child. The Kriya practice continued as the Guru, Sri Swami Vishwananda has taught the disciple. Tears from deep within, bhakti, spilled down the face of the physical form while the cosmic awareness was present simultaneous with the body’s full consciousness. This reminded the disciple of what the Guru has said many times: “If you take one step toward the Guru and Mahavatar Babaji, they reciprocate with many, many steps toward you.” Swamiji said on Babaji Day: “The mind is cheeky.” The mind of this disciple has the ability to create this story and pictures. In truth, this mind does not have the capacity to know  and feel the Cosmic Consciousness. This is how this disciple knows this experience is of the heart!

The Voice of Sri Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji, combined in loving exaltation of Unity, and said: “What do you want?” This voice echoed through eternity’s timeless corridors eventually to merge into time’s dimension. The disciple spoke the one answer possible, spoken from the heart: “The ‘I’ wants the consciousness like you, Dearest, beloved Gurudev and beloved Mahavatar Babaji.” While the disciple heard no sound or soundless response, there came on the wind of Hanuman these words, brushing up against time’s awareness: “That, dear disciple, takes ‘time’.

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