Sunday, September 6, 2015

Then  and  Now

Dearest, most Beloved Guru,
Your celestial and physical beauty
Fairly take my breath away . . .
Reminiscent of your Atma Kriya as
The high attainment is reached
Wherein the
Breath and heart of a Yogi
Become silent,
Like the airwaves,
When pristine, white snowflakes
Blanket the vicinity around a small town.

Then the small town Church bells
Ring in the tranquility of wintertime
As the iridescent blue-green peacock flies
From branch to ground
Seeking its master . . . evermore.

A lovely, serene young maiden comes
Gliding over the freshly fallen snow.
Behold ! . . .
Rings out the voice of Narada,
Ancient India’s most travelled Sage as
Recorded in the Ramayana,
Who has the attainment of
Visiting distant worlds,
Realms or lokas.
“This is Radha of the Celestial Realms.
And what is she doing in this
Place and this time?
Like the peacock following Krishna
Into twenty-first-century time,
Rada comes now . . .
Not only to Vrindavan . . .
But also to a rural hill above a small, small village
Where the Sri Yantra of Europe
Magnificently radiates Krishna’s True Love . . .
In this day
And this time.”

The gopies of Krishna's time
Now bow to the Divine Decree,
Disciple and Devotee,
In Now Time.

Beloved Guru
Your celestial and physical beauty
Fairly take my breath away
In Then,
Your time of Blue . . .
And . . .
Now Time 
In the whiteness of the Paramahansa
Flying  in
Silvery-white snowflakes in wintertime.

Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

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