Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Gift Received: Mahavatar Babaji Pendant

Swamini Lakshmi's Beloved Mahavatar Babaji
Pendant received as a Gift

To The Beloved: 
"You've no idea how hard I've looked for a gift to bring You. 
Nothing seemed right. What's the point of bringing gold 
to the gold mine, or water to the Ocean. Everything I came 
up with was like taking spices to the Orient. It's no good 
giving my heart and my soul because you already have these. 
So, I've brought you a mirror. Look at yourself and 
remember me."


“The scene was a Kumbha Mela, Lahiri Mahasaya told his disciples. “I had gone there during a short vacation from my office duties. As I wandered amidst the throng of monks and sadhus who had come from great distances to attend the holy festival, I noticed an ash-smeared ascetic who was holding a begging bowl. The thought arose in my mind that the man was hypocritical, wearing the outward symbols of renunciation without a corresponding inward grace.
“No sooner had I passed the ascetic than my astounded eye fell on Mahavatar Babaji. He was kneeling in front of a matted-haired anchorite.
“‘Guruji!’ I hastened to his side. ‘Sir, what are you doing here?’
“‘I am washing the feet of this renunciate, and then I shall clean his cooking utensils.’ Babaji smiled at me like a little child; I knew he was intimating that he wanted me to criticize no one, but to see the Lord as residing equally in all body-temples, whether of superior or inferior men. The great guru added, ‘By serving wise and ignorant sadhus, I am learning the greatest of virtues, pleasing to God above all others—humility.’”
- Autobiography of a Yogi

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