Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy Earth Birth Day Beloved Swami Vishwananda The Supreme

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELOVED Sri Swami Vishwananda June 13, 2015
    -By Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama (Swamini Lakshmi)
    Written for Sri Swami Vishwananda
    On his 28h Birthday, the first year we met in America,, 2006
    The Guru's Ash
    An urn carries Sacred Ash of the Guru,
    Spun by his human arm,
    Brought forth from the depths of his soul,
    The essence of His Self
    No beginning—No Birthday—No end.
    The Guru's devotees gather to partake
    Of the Ash — the bounty of his wisdom.
    The Guru’s Ash conveys the meaning
    Of life, the everlasting Truth of Love.
    Love is All There Is—the Divine.
    Fish do not know the wisdom
    Of the Guru’s Ash,
    That they are One with the All.
    In total unawareness,
    They don’t know that they are fish
    Swimming through God.
    Humans strive lifetime after lifetime,
    Even a million or more,
    To reach the truth that lies within
    The wisdom of the Ash.
    All material things, be it Guru’s body
    Or the Ash of wisdom he conveys,
    Eventually return to the eternal—
    “Dust thou art, and to dust
    Thou physical form shalt return.”
    The Truth of the Guru’s Ash
    Stands as a sentinel of the Divine
    Like an urn full of water poured from the
    Guru’s hand into the tranquil, celestial
    Himalayan Lake Manasarovar,
    Sending ripples of Love
    To the shores of the Divine.
    -Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama

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