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Letter from Mahavatar Babaji 2 May 2015

Love Sharing -- Swamini Vishwalakshmianandama
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Transmitted to SV Lakshmi May 2, 2015
Dearly Beloveds,
From time to time I write you a letter at this juxtaposition of the 21st Century. From the Himalayas of India, I beam light waves into the brain receptors of my disciple so that English words come forth. In this way I speak with you today. Those of you who read my words sent to you through the In-ternet to reach your Inner-net and are devotees, disciples and friends of Sri Swami Vishwananda. please hear this.
The 10th Year Anniversary of Sri Swami Vishwananda’s Bhakti Marga will take place at Shree Peetha Nilaya in Germany in July 2015.
I, Mahavatar Babaji, will be there, in spirit. Will you be there representing your atma in this incarnation?
I encourage all of you who feel guided from within the Love in your hearts to be present at this spiritually historical event. Why? Sri Swami Vishwananda is the Premavatar of the 21st Century. This Divine Incarnation is the embodiment of Love. He travels the world on His Divine Mission:
“My mission is to open the hearts of man and unite people of all faiths..”
~ Sri Swami Vishwananda
Pertaining to your role in the mission of Sri Swami Vishwananda, whether it be as devotee, disciple or friend, it is time to be tested.
If you are truly committed as part of this Divine Mission, I encourage you to make a way to be present at this spiritually historical event of Sri Swami Vishwananda’s 10th Year Anniversary Celebrations.
I, Mahavatar Babaji, as you know me, with all my heart sanction and encourage you to attend this Divine Celebration. It is said: “The Guru takes the disciple to the Lord, The Divine, God! This is so, and Sri Swami Vishwananda is such a Divine Guru.
Let it be known that Mahavatar Babaji loves you all and wishes you to now publicly, before the world, take a stand for God and Guru.
PLEASE VIEW THIS VIDEO released May 2, 2015
It is TRUTH and LOVE incarnated.
-- Mahavatar Babaji
Guardian of All People
All Faith, All Traditions

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