Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Leave Maha Maya" So Says Giridhari Krishna


By Loving others, the Lord jumps out from the inner core of your heat so that he can enjoy the love which he has placed within it fully.

The name of Narayanaya is all: Nara and Ayanaya. Nara has three meanings: the
  • 1st meaning is Nirra, which is Water,
  • 2nd meaning is Bhakti, like Narada which means the one which distributes devotion and the
  • 3rd meaning is Supreme Operative Principle,  (Maha Maya) the causal matrix
And Ayanaya means Shelter. Narayanaya means the shelter of the Supreme Operative Principle (shelter of Maha Maya) means those who have pure Bhakti in their heart.

[In combination with the above, please, seriously consider taking this following to heart. When each one of us "gets this" and leaves Maha Maya in the dust bin of our history, we live in the heart, a God-Realized Being.]  ~SV Lakshmi

The Lord Giridhari, Himself [Krishna], protects and frees his bhakta 
from the clutches of Maya 
by his cosmic Maha [great] Maya.

~Sri Swami Vishwananda

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