Saturday, December 7, 2013

Different Kinds of Teachers

There are different kinds of teachers. When you are finished with the common teachers you go to a SatGuru. He will challenge you not to the outside, but to the inside. In the middle of the sea the sand is quiet (when you go deep inside yourself, the mind is quiet). But, close to the beach the sand is always upside down (in the outside world the mind is always agitated with numerous thought).

The teacher finds the disciple only when the disciple has the urge for the teacher. The role of the SadGuru is to make one realized. The teacher is the mirror to the inside of oneself. To become a disciple you have to surrender. You have to understand yourself and build spiritual strength. Your faith has to be built on rocks. You go through many challenges. Only through surrender can you experience the Divine.

- Premavatar Swami Vishwalakshmiananda

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