Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wonder of Life

Wonder of Life: A relative is in the hospital today for a heart procedure. The nurse told an interesting story in the waiting room to those of the family gathered there. We all have heard such stories, but as Mahavatar says on His E-Card this week, "...experience life with joy and child-like innocence and wonder."

The nurse said the next day after this Patient's heart surgery, he told her with "child-like wonder" of an "out-of-body" experience he had while he was in surgery the day before. This was an apropos story given our circumstances. The Man told the nurse this: "During the operation I became aware that I was outside my body and saw the doctor and his team working on a body lying on the operating table. To my great surprise, I saw that the body lying there was me! 

We thank all the people around the world who have been praying for my son, Eric. I have inundated the Gods: Narayana, Vishnu, Maha Lakshmi, Mahavatar Babaji, Christ and Premavatar Swami Vishwananda with prayers. Swami teaches us to pray to the Gods we like! I have been careful to follow the teaching and example of Christ Jesus through adding as He did as he prayed when his crucifixion was near: "Father, let this cup pass from me but, Dear Father Who Art In Heaven, let Thy Will be done!" Surrender is nice.

-Swamini  Vishwalakshmianandama

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