Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Touch of the Master's Hand - Mahavatar Babaji Today


A Guru loves all his disciples the same on the soul level.
Some look like they have a closer place in the heart of the Guru
And one is sometimes called the “favorite disciple.”
When you study the lives of Gurus,
One must accept the possibility that the Guru
Lives life not on the same wave of maya as most of humanity.

Therefore, accept your place in the Guru’s world wherever
It may be and however near or dear you may or may not
Seem to be with Him, your heart Guru.
It is the way of the Lord to have this situation on Earth
And acceptance without jealousy is one of the tests of the Guru,
Which is solely for the benefit of the aspiring soul of the disciple,
The devotee.

When you have attained a skill or a place in society wherein the Guru
May use you for His mission, do not believe Maha Maya
Who persuades you that you are the doer,
For it is the Divine that has placed you either high or low as society
Translates your life treasures, circumstances and attainments.
Thank the Lord for your station in life and that the Guru
Has chosen to use you to further his mission on Earth . . .
Be ye worth only the dull potters clay or dripping with the
World’s most cherished, shining, gold bullion.

For instance, know this following:

–Mahavatar Babaji
Champion of the whole Humanity


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Anonymous said...

Dear Mahavatar,thank YOU so much for this message!JGD Ramayotee