Sunday, August 14, 2011

Soul Presents - Mahavatar Babaji

Soul Presents

Windows show a petite picture of this world,
Sometimes beautiful and sometimes not. . .
So the unenlightened mind judges.
Night dreams, which seem more real
Than the dreams of waking life,
Bring forth picture-presents from the soul.

Recently recovered files
From the birthplace of dreams
Play upon the screen of the morning mind
Like pieces of the puzzle of life being fit together
One, by one, by one.

These etheric dream experiences
Restyle life into higher vibration
When one reviews and uses them for
What they are. . .
Then the soul-presents are neither judged as
beautiful or not beautiful, for they simply are. . .
Sublime, inspiring, transcendent Messages
From the True Self to the illusionary self.
And So It Is!

Mahavatar Babaji

Prayer for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Anonymous said...

Dear Maha Gurudeva!
Although the whole creation is in Your Divine command You so sweetly express the possiblity You might not accomplish Your project?!You are carrying the cross of this world on Your shoulders and us selfish ego-willed people constantly keep You at work yet, as Krishna says in The Bhagavad Gita - not a leaf may fall down without Your Divine Will - there is no any chance for Your failure with any undertaking Dear Babaji!
However little love we have
compared to Your Loving we send You in support! May our ego-will always stay tuned to Your Divine-Willed Projects of helping all people! Please know You are so so Great... so cool Maha Babaji!
Pranam at Your Feet Amazing Incarnation of Maha Prema Grace!

Anonymous said...

Dear Babaji, Dear Utpalavati,
What an absolutely unique & mind blowing masterpiece of such refined phrases and unfathomable spiritual diamentions! What a softness & beauty in all its aspects this little mysterious poem of Yours Dear Master!
You are truly amazing, You are!
Thank You both Million times for speaking to us from the subtle plane So enchanting, so transforming, so tempting way to glimpse into the etheric! As Gurudeva Vishwananda says - "If our mind could fathom God, would not be here." Or if we knew how is it there we would not want to be here! Much Love!

Anonymous said...

Pranam Babaji,
Do we need to pray for the 8 Gifts of the Holy Spirit!? Do we really need to pray for anything if we have YOU?
Do not You know better when we ready to receive whould You would wish to grant upon us? Please explain to us what is it - the true prayer,is it the rituals? Or maybe it is a state of prayfulness? With gratitude Guru OM!

Vishwananda-Utpalavati said...

These questions will be answered within and perhaps in your dreams. Be alert. -Babaji

Anonymous said...

"And What if God was One of Us!"

Thinking of You Master, the words of this song keep coming "Just the way You are..." and the wish to tell You, how much You are loved - neither for how great You are, nor for who You are but simply - because You are as You are!
Some of us can feel Your loneliness - though You are never alone!
Some of us wish to help You carrying the Cross - though You take it on Yourself!
Some of us are there to selflessly share their lives with You!
Some of us forget about themselves in tireless service to You!
Some of us seek no selfgratification or personal splendour here or there in heaven
long only to be near You and if needed give their lives for You!
Some of us just are for a reason - which YOU ARE!
Just a few of us!".......

Anonymous said...

Dearest Babaji, dreams till now had no
significance in my mind because i laid them down as illusory experiences of a state of consciousness to balance our psyche.Now with Your Bhakti Sutras (53-55) our nightly excursions get a complete new understanding in their role of developing our consciousness.
Are astral walks and dreams identical?
JGD Ramayotee